Blue Nest Events LLC
New York City USA
Office: 1 212.759.4510

How We Do It

complete creative concepts for events that fly the coop...

Our breadth of services and expertise is far reaching. Each member of the Blue Nest Team carries with them a true understanding of events and the skills to deliver exceptional results. Blue Nest Events prides itself in developing and maintaining client relationships, and does so by having a dedicated team who will work diligently with you throughout all aspects of the event ensuring a consistent level of quality and support.

Beginning with the point of contact, a customized proposal is created and tailored to your specific needs. From onset through proposal development, and finally operations and final invoicing, you can be guaranteed effective event management and delivery.

The Blue Nest Events team will work directly alongside your team on all elements of the event development, including venue selection, transportation logistics, accommodations, menu creation, design and decor elements, staffing, registration, hospitality, and entertainment - to name a few!

From the very beginning through to the actual event, your dedicated team will be available 24/7, assuring you the peace of mind that things can be handled whenever and wherever. Last minute changes are always accounted for with a contingency plan, and our operations team is trained to manage logistical issues quickly and efficiently. With a multitude of industry experience, each event is developed and implemented with a full understanding of your specific objectives and flawlessly delivered.